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This Modern Tudor is located in the heart of downtown Greenville nestled among some of the finest homes in the Upstate area.

Recently completed by Ridgeline Construction Group.


This Shingle-style architectural designs is located on a site with expansive views of Lake Keowee and in the community of the Cliffs at Keowee Falls South.

Recently completed by Ridgeline Construction Group.

Recently completed in the Woodland Park at Cleveland Forest community in collaboration with Fowler Interiors and Fairview Custom Homes, this family home brings elements of an the popular farmhouse style and elements of en eclectic English style to balance in this new downtown community.

MHK recently completed this stunning home design located on the edge of Cleveland Park in downtown Greenville. 


A modern stunning twist of materiality to achieve a unique urban look and built by Carson Speer Builder. 

2_2 (1).jpg



07  /  05  /  2021

MHK projects win top awards for best Kitchen designs in HBA Bridge Awards in Greenville, SC.


07  /  06  /  2021

New design concepts for contemporary project begins at The Cliffs at Keowee Springs.


07  /  09  /  2021

Insider:  MHK performing lot assessments of new parcels in collaboration with Silver Creek Reality in Cashiers.